Data-driven category management and assortment….

You can do excellent execution in many retail steps………

marketing branding and communication, e-commerce activities, supply chain, product packaging, visual merchandising etc. etc.,

but if the assortment does not match the needs of the customer (within the specific channel) no maximum revenue can be reached.

The importance of following the total buying process to achieve the right assortments is often underestimated, despite offering the customer the right products is what retail is about!

Most underestimated step in the buying process is STEP 1;

‘Assortment framework and guidelines based on the company values and customer needs.  Framework and guidelines build up from the right data analysis’.

To manage STEP 1 an efficient category strategic and operational plan is a pragmatic data driven approach.

The well-considered and tailor-made analysis within this plan brings the category manager the necessary assortment frameworks and guidelines.

For example 1 useful analysis is this goldmine graph.

This graph provides insight into the profitability of a category, product group, product or supplier (in relation to the others) and leads to the right improvement.


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