Category roles (part 2). The most important role; destination

In follow up on my post on category roles in general (06/01/2017) I want to introduce the most important role;  destination.

The assortment within the destination category brings autonomous traffic, but only if you respect the rules.


A number of these destination rules are:

This is the category for which the retail formula  is famous.

You are simply the best in this category. You distinguish yourself in one (or more) of the marketing mix elements.

 No compromise in this category! 

Within your total formula the destination role  can only be applied to a limited number of categories

Promotion is done often, but always with a limited discount.

Never out-of stocks is very important.

Margin is average because this category needs investments.

When this role is executed well and everybody in the organization respect the rules for this role, this will bring autonomous traffic!

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