If you only compete on the price… you are not special enough

There are retailers who have proven to be a successful prizefighter, they have a conscious strategy and all values and all decisions are based on this low costs high volume strategy.

Many retailers also act like a prizefighter, but they compete on the price out of weakness in stead of strength.

What is their distinctive capacity if they act out of weakness ?  And in which step in the retail proces they took the wrong turn?

Often the formula and brand values are strong enough and the strategy is clear about the distinctive capacity, but for example the assortment and the strategy among this,  is not developed and executed in the right way.

And then there is 1 element left to convince the customer to buy; the lowest retail price.

Buying proces: Most underestimated step in the buying proces is STEP 1. Framework and guidelines based on the company values, customer needs and the right data analysis.